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Tuesday Jan 31, 2023

Spunky and full of life, Angel Welsh, commands a room with her bubbly, upbeat personality. On episode 16, we talk to a wife, mom, Christian, radio personality, and most recent title, non-profit director. You will hear about her experience with moving around with a single mom as a child, the many trials she endured as a young adult, her beautiful children Earth side and in heaven, the journey to her career, and answering the call to open a women and children’s shelter. Take a seat with the vibrant, Angel Welsh.
To learn more about how you can contribute to My Sister’s Keeper, visit their website at or visit their Facebook page at My Sister’s Keeper Women and Children’s Shelter.

Tuesday Jan 17, 2023

Authentic, well read, amazing writer, impactful teacher, sports fan, wonderful wife, mom, volunteer, and the list goes on. These are just a few of the ways to describe who Ashley Gendek is. Originally from Tennessee, Ashley attended college at Kentucky Wesleyan where she studied English and met her husband, Chris. Fast forward to now, they have created a life in Owensboro with their two precious kiddos. Ashley is changing the lives of her student and students across the state through her work with the K-12 Holocaust Initiative with a goal to enhance Holocaust education. Ashley also serves on the board of the local Oasis women's shelter. We love Ashley's fearless nature and fierce love for her family and career. She is a heck of a friend and community member. 

Tuesday Jan 03, 2023

Have you ever seen the movie, Inside Out? Well, we talk to a real life, Joy. Tracy Naylor is the brightest light in the room with the sweetest soul.  When you meet Tracy, you meet a genuine, kind, hard working outdoor enthusiast. She is a cancer survivor who fought through with so much grace and a sense of humor. She has made a mark in higher education and now blesses the community through her work with the Owensboro Health Foundation. You will hear about her childhood years watching her Mom fight cancer to then her own battle years later, her love story, professional life, and love of outdoors. We are so happy for you to hear more about joy herself, Tracy Naylor.

Tuesday Dec 20, 2022

What started as a journey to teaching, turned into a career in banking with her husband and family. But Bridget's journey hasn't stopped there. She has dedicated the last few years to inner growth while encouraging others along the way. Her podcast, Bloom with Bridget, is just one way she has committed to reinventing herself and inspiring her 4 young daughters. Bridget is such a bright light with the gift of uplifting others. Be encouraged to never stop "growing" as you take a seat with Bridget.

Tuesday Nov 29, 2022

On episode 12, we talk to the most joyful and bright personality, Mary Alexia Howard. You will enjoy her sweet southern accent and positive outlook on life. From Speech Language Pathologist to full-time Mom, Mary Alexia has had quite the journey to get to where she is today. She has endured heartbreaking loss and leaned on her faith on her journey to parenthood. She is now Mom to the sweetest little boy and on a hopeful adoption journey. Take a seat with the beautiful soul, Mary Alexia!

E11: Happy Birthday, Becca!

Tuesday Nov 15, 2022

Tuesday Nov 15, 2022

On episode 11, we celebrate Becca's 42nd birthday. Becca reflects on the past year that gave her the biggest blessing of her life, her son, Asher. And as Thanksgiving quickly approaches, both Becca and Jackie discuss thankfulness in their current seasons. Enjoy this laid back episode as the main broads catch up, celebrate, and reflect. Happy Birthday, Becca! 

Tuesday Nov 01, 2022

We had the pleasure of sitting down with the incredibly brilliant and kind, Naheed Murtaza on this week's episode. Naheed is currently a professor at Brescia University where she teaches Diversity and Social Justice. She is a proud Mom of two young men and cares deeply about her community. She has worked as an attorney and has served as the Vice President of the Owensboro Human Relations Commission. Naheed is a part of the Muslim community and has a heart for inclusion. We are proud to have Naheed as a part of the Owensboro community and are so excited for you to learn more about her.

Tuesday Oct 18, 2022

We love a salt of the earth country girl and that's exactly who Lauren Shelton is; genuine, hard working, giving, faith-filled, a wonderful Mom, and an awesome wife. Lauren works as Nurse Practitioner in women's health, owns a small business, Farmhouse Handmade, and lives the farm life. Having triplets right out of the gate and then a baby boy, who is now 4, has created a wild ride of chaos and more love than imagined. Lauren has navigated through many heartbreaking losses throughout her life, but has always leaned on her faith to rise up and find joy in the blessings. Be inspired by the "graceful badass" herself, Lauren Shelton.

Tuesday Oct 04, 2022

Meet the poised and ambitious Jennifer Keller. As a Regional and District Sales Coordinator with Aflac, Jennifer is committed to helping people. She is truly passionate about her day job, but also finds joy in growing beyond the workforce. Jennifer has committed to helping women create daily routines and guided devotions and scripture studies with her endeavor Project You. The journal format guides women to create habits that help them grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Jennifer is also a loving wife and Mom, who pours into her family and leads by example. We can't wait for you to have a seat with Jennifer!

Tuesday Sep 20, 2022

Mom, wife, and Chief Executive Officer of Girls Inc. in Owensboro, Tish Correa Osborne, has supported, inspired, uplifted, impacted, and loved generations of young women. You will truly be in awe of the empathy that Tish feels deep in her soul for each girl that crosses her path. She treats every girl that comes through Girls Inc as her very own. The opportunities that she and her team have created for young ladies in our community has opened up possibilities, built confidence, and grown their potential.  Tish is the epitome of their motto, "strong, smart, and bold". Join us in being deeply moved and inspired by Tish.


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